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Even though you only have few days to visit Colorado doesn‘t mean you have to limit your activities in a trip to the capital. With only three days you can eat, shop, explore, visit and hike at some of the most popular destinations in Colorado. Look at our trip suggestions, we‘ll take you there!

Day 1 – Night 1: Experience the City of Boulder

Only 40min away from Denver, Boulder is a charming little town with diverse activities and you will love its culture and all the outdoor activities this town offers. You can spend your day hiking, sightseeing or shopping, you'll find only cool stuff in Boulder.

         Visit Pearl Street: Pearl Street is one of the place you should not miss when visiting Boulder. It is full of breweries and local businesses so you will love to get around the town to understand the culture and its soul. The place is filled with red bricks and is only a pedestrian street. You will have to park your KúKú before you get there to access the shops, restaurants, coffee shop, play installations for kids and walk path.

       Go & hike: You can hike at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Boulder offers many great hiking trails.

       Celestial Seasoning: Take a tea tour in one of the largest tea manufacturer in North America.

       Boulder Dusharbe Teahouse: If you are looking for great tea and food in Boulder, the Dusharbe Teahouse is definitely the place to go! It is recognized to be the most attractive and popular tourist place is Boulder.

       Boulder Creek Path: The Boulder Creek path is about 5.5 miles long and runs to Boulder Canyon on the west end and Stazio Ballfields on the east end (just past 55th Street). It is a very nice bike or walk track!

       Boulder Theatre: It used to be an opera house in the 1900‘s has been since renovated in a unique music hall presenting musical performances as well as ballets and movie screenings. It is located at 2032 14th Street.

       Banjo Billy‘s Bus Tour: Take an unforgetable history tour of Boulder and Denver as well as brewery tours in Denver from an old school busYou will hear ghost tales, crime stories and history while sitted comfortably on a couch driving around the cities.

       Boulder Farmers Market: A non profit organization selling local fresh products from farms of Colorado since 1987. Go and visit them now!

       University of Colorado Campus: If you ever wondered how life in a Campus looks like in one of the School in the United States of America, this is where you need to go!


Day 2 – Night 2: Spend the day in Estes Park

About 1h30min away from Denver and 1h away from your previous destination, Estes Park is a great place full of outdoor activities. You will find endless hiking tracks, and magnificient view of the mountains especially if you take the tram up to the top of the peak for sight seeing. You can also rent a bike, take a fly fish lesson, play miniature golf, slide down giant slide, go car track, on an ATV tour, adventure rafting, horse riding, enjoy some time for yourself in a SPA, play in an adventure park, chill down the lake and walk all day until your legs get KúKú.

Estes Park offers at the time peace and quiet but also endless outdoor activities which will bring fun and happiness to the entire family!


Day 3 – Tour in the capital city, Denver

On day 3 we assume it is time for you to get back to the capital if you don‘t want to miss your plane or if it is already time to go. However, don‘t leave without exploring the city, there are many cool stuff to do in Denver wether it is to take a walk downtown or visit different other places, Denver has it all! Here are our suggestions.

       Walk on Colfax Avenue: Located at the south end of the 16th Street Mall, you'll find a popular stretch of road called Colfax Avenue. Colfax is filled with food, bars and some of the best music venues in the area including theParamount, Ogden theatre and the Filmore Auditorium.

       Visit Denver Botanic Gardens: The view is beautiful and you can walk and contemplate their range of flowers and plants from all the over the world.

       Drive to the Mount Evans: Here you will enjoy a scenic view of Denver from the top of the Mount Evans. Wait for the sunset, you won‘t regret it the view gets stunning! If you are lucky enough, you will meet on your way mountain goats, bighorn sheeps and elks. The road to the top is paved all the way so it is not a problem to get there but it is quite narrow so remember to drive your KúKú safely and slowly. The access is close in winter.

       Coors Field: Watch a Baseball game in the Coors Field and support your favorite team, the Colorado Rockies and help them win!

       Museum: Go and visit Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a cultural moment in Denver with your family.

       Walk in Washington Park: If you are looking for a chill time in Denver, go walk in the Washington Park. It is made of 155 acre of pleasant grounds including two lakes, two flower gardens. One of which is a replica of George Washington's gardens at Mount Vernon.

       Visit Denver Zoo: Go and have some fun with your family to the Denver Zoo, it has diverse type of species and it is a beautiful park to spend the afternoon.