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Day 1 - Night 1 : Denver - CO

  ➜    On the first day you could start to explore the capital. There are several museums to visit like the Children‘s Museum of Denver which is fun if you have kids. Also, the Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Nature and Science worth the look. If you are more looking into something fun to do then you could visit the Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park or the Denver Zoo. The Downtown Aquarium is also very nice and you can be sure that you get entertainment for the whole family.

  ➜   For more info about what to do in Denver you can look at our day trip in Denver offered in our 3 days trip to Colorado's suggestion


Day 2 - Night 2 :  Colorado Springs -  CO

  ➜    Now heading South of Denver, you will have plenty of things to do in Colorado Springs. Make sure you don't miss to visit the Cave of the Winds, the Garden of the Gods or the Seven falls once there.

  ➜   Also drive to the top of the Pikes peak is a MUST-DO when in Colorado Springs. This 14000ft high mountain will surprise you once up there with its incredible view. The drive up is easy but take about 1h to you but only 9min for Sebastien Loeb. UNFAIR! But that's how it is and that's what makes this drive famous in Colorado. Don't ever try to beat him though, you will most likely fail and miss all of the natural beauty and wilderness on your way to the top. It is very common to meet marmots and elks. Remember to take a jacket as the cold will catch you once to the top. People with asthma or breathing issues are not recommended to go. 


Day 3 - Night 3 : Cañon City -  CO

  ➜  On the way to Canyon city to check one of the world‘s longest and highest suspension bridge. The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park offers fun for the whole family through rides, beautiful sceneries, adventure and wildlife. 


Day 4 - Night 4 : Curecanti National Recreation Area - CO

  ➜  The Curecanti National Recreation Area is a serie of 3 reservoirs along the wild Gunnisson River. It is a water entertainment area based in the Rockies that offers fishing (especially trout and salmon) or also boat tours through the upper Black Canyon. Hiking, camping and birdwatching are also possible in this park.



Day 5 - Night 5 : Gunnisson National Park - CO

  ➜ Near Montrose at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, there's an incredible huge canyon made of black rocks. There are good hiking trails and amazing views. You can also take a tour for some more advanced hikes in the park.


Day 6 - Night 6 : Telluride - CO

  ➜ On your way to Durango (South of Colorado), you will stop to Telluride. If you are traelling during the summer months then you should do the Bear Creek Trail. This 2.1 miles (one-way) trail will take you to a gorgeous and refreshing waterfall. If you are travelling during the winter then take your shi shoes and boots and enjoy the mountain at the Telluride Ski Resort. It is a massive complexe with many trails and lifts.


Day 7 - Night 7 : Durango - CO

There are many activities to do in and around Durango. The first cool thing to check out is the Silverston Narrow Gauge Railroad.
You will ride through breathtaking canyons at the San Juan National Forest in a coal-fired, steam powered locomotive. This tour is ery famous in Durango and gets you to discover more about the history of the town during the settlement of the Old-West, a century ago.

From Durango you can easily access and organize day tours to Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde National Park, Chimney Rock National Monument, or Four Corners National Monument; the only place in the US where 4 states intersect at one point: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. There are many hikes to do and many historical monuments to see.


Day 8 - Night 8 : Monument Valley - UT

 ➜ Today you'll make a small detour down to the South-East corner of Utah and head to Monument Valley. Monument Valley hasn't changed since for over 3000 years, it still looks the same: it's vast, wild, red and you will find deep canyons and many many towering buttes in the desert. Monument Valley is a mysterious and incredible place that definitely worth the visit to Utah. There's a 14 miles long dirt road that will lead you to most of the major monuments. You can also decide to explore the area horsebacking just like they used to do here for hundreds of years. Most of the hikes in Monument Valley are easy will take you to natural bridges Anasazi ruins. There is also the possibility to go rafting in the area.


Day 9&10 - Night 9&10 : Arches National Park - UT

You will continue your adventure to Utah, this time heading North-East to the Arches National Park. It is a red rock wonderland and hikers will be amazed by the beauty this park has to offer. It is over 2000 natural stone arches, 100 soaring pinnacles, massive fins and giant balaced rocks. There are also amazing trails and gorgeous sunsets. 2 days in the park are recommended so you can HIKE/EAT/DRINK/SLEEP &REPEAT! We recommend you to stay at the Devils Garden Campground but be careful: 1st come - 1st served.


Day 11 - Night 11 : Colorado National Monument - CO

    You will continue your route back to Colorado, finishing the circle, and you can start the day by visiting the largest city West of Denver - Grand Junction.

    Then you can visit the Colorado National Monument (might seem boring said like that but it is not ;) The Colorado National Monument is a red-rocks formation, steep cliffs and breathtaking views. You will sure enjoy the ride!

    When at Colorado National Monument it is highy recommend that you take your KúKú for a drive on the Rim Rock Drive where you will see redrocks canyon, crisp blue skies and glorious views along the way.

  ➜  You must also stop at a stand fruits producer on the way and pick some for a taste of Colorado at its best!


Day 12 - Night 12 : Glenwood Springs - CO

  ➜  Glenwood Canyon: Walk in the gorge of the Glenwood Canyon extending over 12.5 miles long. You will feel very small if you look up as you will be surrounded by 1,300ft walls high.

  ➜  Glenwood hot springs: Bath in a large pool any time of the year. In winter, you can inquire about ski, swim ans stay packages. Outdoor activities: fishing, rafting, hiking, horse riding.

  ➜  Glenwood Caverns and Adventure Park: Largest show cave open to the public in Colorado. You can also take your family to the fun park which includes thrill rides like Glenwood Canyon Flyer, Cliffhanger Roller Coaster and Giant Canyon Swing which will take your breath away + many more attractions.


Day 13 - Night 13 : Estes Park - CO

  ➜  Estes Park is a great place full of outdoor activities. You will find endless hiking tracks, and magnificient view of the mountains especially if you take the tram up to the top of the peak for sight seeing. You can also rent a bike, take a fly fish lesson, play miniature golf, slide down giant slide, go car track, on an ATV tour, adventure rafting, horse riding, enjoy some time for yourself in a SPA, play in an adventure park, chill down the lake and walk all day until your legs get KúKú.

Estes Park offers at the time peace and quiet but also endless outdoor activities which will bring fun and happiness to the entire family!


Day 14 : Boulder and back to Denver - CO

On your way back to Denver, you can stop to Boulder. It is a charming little town with diverse activities and you will love its culture and all the outdoor activities this town offers. You can spend your day hiking, sightseeing or shopping, you'll find only cool stuff in Boulder.

         Visit Pearl Street: Pearl Street is one of the place you should not miss when visiting Boulder. It is full of breweries and local businesses so you will love to get around the town to understand the culture and its soul. The place is filled with red bricks and is only a pedestrian street. You will have to park your KúKú before you get there to access the shops, restaurants, coffee shop, play installations for kids and walk path.

       Go & hike: You can hike at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Boulder offers many great hiking trails.

       Celestial Seasoning: Take a tea tour in one of the largest tea manufacturer in North America.

       Boulder Dusharbe Teahouse: If you are looking for great tea and food in Boulder, the Dusharbe Teahouse is definitely the place to go! It is recognized to be the most attractive and popular tourist place is Boulder.

       Boulder Creek Path: The Boulder Creek path is about 5.5 miles long and runs to Boulder Canyon on the west end and Stazio Ballfields on the east end (just past 55th Street). It is a very nice bike or walk track!

       Boulder Theatre: It used to be an opera house in the 1900‘s has been since renovated in a unique music hall presenting musical performances as well as ballets and movie screenings. It is located at 2032 14th Street.

       Banjo Billy‘s Bus Tour: Take an unforgetable history tour of Boulder and Denver as well as brewery tours in Denver from an old school busYou will hear ghost tales, crime stories and history while sitted comfortably on a couch driving around the cities.

       Boulder Farmers Market: A non profit organization selling local fresh products from farms of Colorado since 1987. Go and visit them now!

       University of Colorado Campus: If you ever wondered how life in a Campus looks like in one of the School in the United States of America, this is where you need to go!